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Thank you showing an interest in St Charlie's Affiliate Program. 
St Charlie is an online destination for high quality and sustainable clothing. We source some of the world's most ethical, trans-seasonal pieces to be enjoyed by Australian women who demand more from their clothing. Everything is cruelty-free and as thoughtful to the people, the environment and animals as possible.
Our market is women's fashion and accessories, and sales are in Australia only. We encourage you to have a look around the website, read our story, how we're running a sustainable business, blog and the fabrics that we don't stock (we're strict on that) to make sure we're a good fit together. At the moment we stock certified organic cotton however are very much interested in hemp and linen too. If this all aligns with your blog/brand, we invite you to join our Affiliate Program. Not 100% sure? Any questions are very much welcome and you can email us at hello[at]
Some additional benefits of joining the Program:
* 30 day cookies
* 10% commission on the total sale value
Signing up is easy and free and you can apply for the program here
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