Fabrics We Stock

Organic cotton:

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms, which can be harmful for the farmers, workers, consumers and the eco-system. Organic practises can also help improve the quality of the land, uses less water than conventional cotton and conserve biodiversity. 


Hemp grows rapidly and requires little water and no pesticides and herbicides (it is naturally resistant to most pests). It's a low maintenance plant to grow and is biodegradable. As a fibre hemp is lightweight, absorbent, breathable and incredibly strong, with 3 times the tensile strength of cotton and produces more fibre per acre than cotton and linen also. 


Linen is a natural, biodegradable textile that comes from the flax plant, which like hemp can we grown on poor soil that may be unsuitable for food crop production. It is sought after for it's soft feel and freshness in warm weather.

Recycled fabrics:

Some of the best ways to eliminate the need for new resources is to break down resources that already exist and create something new! This can mean recycling raw fibres into new fibres or breaking down non-clothing items (like plastic bottles) to create usable fabrics (like rPET: Recycled PET, which is then used to create clothing such as leggings and bikinis).

Up-cycled materials:

Up-cycling uses existing items and then creates them into something new. For example, using the rubber from old car tyres to create jewellery and belts (true story! Laura Zabo's does some amazing things with old tyres). Creatively using items in this way often makes for unique, one of kind pieces and help give things new life that may have otherwise gone to landfill!