Our Story

Charlie & I 

I never meant for St Charlie to be about sustainability. In the beginning, when starting St Charlie, I wanted to sell vegan/animal-free clothing. I'm passionate about animal welfare and cruelty-free living, but I never really thought about who made my clothes or their environmental impact. Crazy right?! 

It didn't take long before I started to uncover just how damaging and unethical the fast fashion industry is, and it was something I could no longer turn a blind eye to. I started to source products that checked all three boxes ; environmentally friendly, fair trade and vegan/cruelty-free, which I quickly found out, was not an easy thing to do. I also discovered a lot of stores and brands claiming to be "ethical", "eco-friendly" and "sustainable", but on what basis? The amount of greenwashing about product sustainability, traceability and ethical work practices out there is unbelievable, completely unethical and to be frank, quite scary. 

 From there, I made a commitment to build a marketplace where likeminded environmentally conscious, heart-centred women can come together and find the most sustainable and ethical apparel, held to the highest standards, all in the one place. 

Why the name 'St Charlie'?

I always wanted a sibling and when I was 15, all my wishes came true when my gorgeous sister “Charlie” entered the world. She’s a constant source of inspiration for how I want to show up in the world, and the kind of place I envision for her and our future generations. Charlie represents the future and a generation I hope continues to embrace sustainable innovation and ethically forward ways of thinking to change things for the better. 
Lots of love,